Mailto Me

Generate HTML mailto links with embedded subject lines & body messages.


Link displays here...


How To

Just fill out the inputs and select Convert. If you make a mistake, select Clear to start again. Once you've got your link, highlight, copy and paste it wherever you need it.


  • What is this? A simple web app that takes your input (name, email etc.), converts and generates a custom mailto link.
  • Who would use this? If you've ever needed to standardize emails simply by a link, this will do it. As a teacher, we're using it to standardize student emails to teachers.
  • How do I embed links? Most systems allow hyperlinking, typically you can simply paste the link using CTRL/CMD + V.
  • My link isn't working! Check your default email client is setup, for more help go here. If you still have an issue, email me[at]


Hi, I'm Ash an IT teacher, former web designer who's currently learning Cyber Security and Python Programming. The idea for Mailto Me came up in a work meeting when some teachers and I we're discussing the frustrations of random student emails. We have a clear request that students need to include their name, student ID etc. yet this rarley is the case. After fumbling around with HTML for a while trying to create the perfect mailto link, I thought it would be great to have this automated. Hence Mailto Me.